Monday, June 27, 2011

Fat Chance

Greek Foreign Minister Papandreou is out selling the new austerity package to his Parliament. He wonders why Greeks are rioting in the streets. How would you like to see your taxes go up $ 4,000 per year next year? That's what a typical family of four in Greece will face under the proposed austerity plan, according to calculations by a Greek newspaper, To Vima.

That is only the beginning. This austerity plan is merely a small down payment on a massive effort to stem the huge budget deficit. There is no hope of a budget surplus. This plan is intended to slow the growth of debt, not reduce it. Reducing debt would require far, far larger sacrifices.

Papandreou assumes that citizens that have been told for generations that they are entitled to early retirement, free health care, free education...essentially free everything..will now pony up to pay for all of this free stuff. I have my doubts.

No way Greece will implement this plan. No way. The Parliament may pass the plan, but it will not be enforced or implemented in what is arguably the most corrupt government within the European Union.