Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A New Beginning in Wisconsin

No one objects to the freedom of assembly. Workers anywhere should have the right to form a union. The issue is: what is the union permitted to do? That is the central concern in Wisconsin.

The idea behind collective bargaining is that workers need protection against a potentially rapacious employer -- so what is the applicability of this notion to public employees? There is no application at all, unless what is being said is that the taxpayer at large is a rapacious employer. Public employee unions should not have the power to engage in collective bargaining.

Not only does collective bargaining lead to absurdities (seniority, tenure, etc.), but there is no profit pie to divide up -- just unsuspecting taxpayers (typically unborn ones) footing an absurd system of benefits.

Lets face it, unions have busted every industry where they have organized workers. Is there an exception? Now, unions are busting state and local governments.

Should a public employee union have the right to bankrupt the taxpayers of Wisconsin and burden future unborn taxpayers? The voters in Wisconsin elected Scott Walker governor on his promise to eliminate union collective bargaining for public employees. Walker and his legislative allies have fulfilled that campaign promise. This is good news for Wisoonsin and a harbinger of more to come.