Saturday, June 19, 2010

November Nears

It is interesting how Congress has suddenly developed an aversion to spending, as the November elections approach. Twice in the past week, Obama-sponsored bailouts of profligate state governments with padded public payrolls have failed in the Senate. I guess public opinion is finally beginning to matter to everyone except the President. Of course, he's not on the ballot this year, so his interest in fiscal discipline won't surface until the Spring of 2012.

The moribund economic recovery, made weaker by the President's policies, is barely limping along. The BP oil spill and the President's self-destructive moratorium on offshore drilling, only make matters worse. The only part of the economy with vigorous growth is the incredible expansion of government. The private sector has retreated into it's shell. Businesses have learned that they can do more with fewer employees, a lesson they won't soon forget. As all Americans face staggeringly higher taxes next year and staggeringly higher health care costs, direct results of the President's legislative accomplishments, don't expect much in 2011.

You might think that Democratic losses in November might get through to the White House, but I doubt it. The White House seems to be in a world of it's own, where reality never seems to intrude.