Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Obama Motor Company

Toyota must be licking its chops. GM wasn't much of a competitor anyway, but now here comes the UAW as the new competitor to Toyota (and Honda and others). Together with the new mileage rules to be in place by 2016, there is virtually no chance that the new Chrysler or new Obama (formerly General) Motors will be able to compete. Toyota and Honda build cars to satisfy consumers. Obama Motors will build cars to satisfy Obama. Whether they will sell or whether consumers want them or not is essentially irrelevant to the Obama plan. (Too bad if safety was one of your issues..Obama doesn't care about safety, only carbon emissions).

So, what else is new? Check out Yahoo today. Yahoo explains the effect of the new Obama credit card rules -- a dramatic increase in the business of "pay day lenders" and other loan sharks, since many middle Americans will no longer be able to get credit cards (or much of a credit limit, even if they manage to get the cards). That should help people a lot. Another great idea Mr. President! Have any more?

The next Obama move is to give all employees (in companies with 19 or more employees) a guaranteed seven days annually of paid sick leave. Obama has maneuvered to get a bill introduced in Congress to do just that. Great! More mandates on employers on the way.

I have an idea. Why not move the minimum wage to $ 1,000 per hour. Imagine how great that would be! Now employees could afford health care, quality child care for their children, tuition for college,...Heck, they could afford almost anything. What a great idea. Why didn't I think of that earlier? Maybe, we should make it higher? What about $ 2,000 an hour? I am not sure what the right number is but surely higher is better. What about 100 days a year of paid leave for any reason that the employee would like? That would solve a lot of problems...reduce transportation costs to work (since you don't go very often anymore...that cuts pollution doesn't it?). I should go to work for Obama. I think I am getting the general idea!